My Story

My Name is Damianne Nyamai, an Entrepreneur by choice. My journey as an Entrepreneur started while I was still a student. I found myself with the Responsibility of taking care of my family after losing the sole bread winner of my family who was my father.

I was very open minded and seized whatever opportunity came my way; from working part-time jobs; selling mineral water; being involved in sports to simply get paid the small allowance the university sports department gave; to training primary school kids on first aid on weekends.

One day, a lady introduced me  to an opportunity in the Network Marketing Industry and showed me a cheque of USD450; money she had made part-time in the business in a duration of one month! As a broke student; This was huuge for me, I was inspired and completely sold out to the opportunity. My first month earning was $6.28, grew to $34 in my second month and in one year I was making $200 a month.

After campus I got my first job with a salary of $350 monthly. I took up the job but figured I was better off growing as an Entrepreneur so after a couple of months I quit to do business full-time. Doing businesss full-time had its own share of challenges which I overcame with the right mentorship and commitment to personal development.

My business took off after 3 years and I began enjoying some level of success. I later diversified into other businesses, got my fair share of success and some huge failures and that made me settle to doing Network Marketing exclusively.

Today, I am happy as a Network Marketing Professional, a Business Coach, a Mentor and a Leader in the Network Marketing Industry with vast knowledge, Experience and Expertise. I am passionate about Growing Leaders!

I work with visionary and ambitious professionals in business and employment who are looking to increase their streams of income without necessarily altering what they currently do, and don’t know where to start. I help them get started, mentor and coach them to achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams.

I love connecting with people, Get in contact with me and let’s connect!


  1. Your story inspired me to stay put in MLM business. Its just a matter of time I start seing the fruits.

  2. The greatest leaders are not necessarily the ones who do the greatest things.their the ones that get people to do the greatest things and thats your greatest streng.

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